Expert Witness

At FRACTAL, we provide Party, Tribunal and Court Appointed Expert Witness Services in litigation, Arbitration, Adjudication, Mediation and DRB proceedings, providing our clients and their legal teams with independent, clear, concise and accurate opinion on the matters in dispute.

Our experts have testified, as well as executed, major construction and engineering projects over many decades. This considerable and relevant experience, in the fields of both operations and dispute resolution, provides the most suitable balance of knowledge and experience.

This allows our experts to approach matters with equal clarity and understanding and provide the level of accuracy of assessment deserved and relied upon by our Clients.

We are recognised experts on matters of Delay and Quantum, and our opinion extends across many industries, sectors and geographical locations. This allows our experts to address matters also accounting for industry, sector and location related variables.

We provide value by:

  • Identifying and focusing on the key issues, thus maximising value whilst reducing time;
  • Being accurate and clear in our opinion; and
  • Getting the assessment right first time

As our analysis and opinion is communicated to clients, lawyers and any relevant tribunal, our experts are able to communicate the facts and their opinion in written report format as well as being able to express them orally in a clear and concise language and in their proper context.



  • As-built Schedule Preparation
  • Planned Intent Preparation
  • Critical Path Analysis
  • Causal Investigation
  • Compensable Time Assessment
  • Disruption Analysis
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Acceleration Analysis
  • Expert Testimony


  • Contract Works/Variation/Change Order Cost Evaluation
  • Finance Charges Assessment
  • Head Office Overhead Calculation
  • Resource and Material Escalation Assessment
  • Disruptive Working Quantification
  • Prolongation (time related) Cost Assessment
  • Defect Quantification
  • Quantification of completed or outstanding works
  • Expert Testimony

Project Advisory & Dispute Management

Fractal is committed to providing expert and objective support to ensure that our clients’ project goals and delivery objectives are achieved. Whether engaged to be the client advisor from project conception to completion, or to assist with particular phases or tasks, we provide executive level management expertise and customised services to meet our clients’ specific requirements in the fields of:


Procurement and Delivery

  • Schedule analytics
  • Contract compliance
  • Design management
  • Project recovery and turnaround
  • Project commercial Audits

Project Management and Monitoring

  • Programme & project monitoring
  • Project controls development
  • Process management and improvement
  • Focused reporting
  • Operational audits
I as Chairman and my two colleagues share the view that Mr. Wiseman is a skilled and capable practitioner and is an asset to the team…having a high standard of technical competency, integrity and impartiality…Thorough, articulate and focused…We would have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Wiseman to others requiring an Expert in his field
Tribunal Chairman, UAE.
Mr. Wiseman has a strong personality and keeps a close control on events as they emerge, as well as managing future activity in a logical and methodical way
Commercial Director, Main Contractor, UK
Mr. Wiseman is a very experienced delay expert who always provides in-depth and detailed causal investigation together with an accurate analysis of the facts and evidence. His ability to digest and narrow the most complex interaction of matters is outstanding and together with his clear, balanced and independent opinion and testimony leaves little room for doubt. In my opinion, he is one of the best delay experts currently operating in the GCC and internationally and is a credit to his professio…
Head of Commercial, Department of Dubai Government
Mr. Wiseman was a very dedicated construction manager…and brought his passion and enthusiasm to help build a team dedicated to deliver the best possible result for the client. It was a pleasure to work with him and he was professional in all that he did
Managing Director, MEP Engineering Consultant, UK
Mr. Wiseman is a top professional in his chosen field of expertise and pays meticulous attention to detail yet remaining focused on the key issues. He works very well under pressure and I consider him a very credible and dependable expert on the matter of delay analysis. I give Mr. Wiseman my highest recommendation as an Expert Witness
Chairman and Arbitrator for Ministry of Justice, UAE Dubai Courts, DIAC, QIAC & ACCAC
Regarding Mr. Wiseman’s knowledge of forensic delay analysis he is one of the best I have ever encountered in over thirty years. I would give him my highest recommendation
Quantum Expert, UK
Working with Mr. Wiseman was a pleasure. He brought knowledge, expertise and alternative ideas to progress the forensic planning element of a complex contractual claim. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services
Director Dispute Services, UK
Mr. Wiseman combines fantastic attention to detail with a real ability to get to the heart of the issues…By far one of the best delay experts I have worked with
Queens Counsel, UK
Mr. Wiseman was engaged by our company as an Arbitral Expert Witness on matters of Programming & Delay. Whilst proceeding most of the way through Arbitration, our complex and high value case was amicably and fairly settled prior to the hearing. Thanks to Mr. Wiseman’s detailed investigation & analysis along with his effectiveness & clarity in narrowing and opining on the issues at hand, he has greatly assisted our company in successfully concluding this high value and highly complex case. I foun…
Head of Contracts and Legal, Main Contractor, GCC
Mr. Wiseman is a capable Expert in his chosen field of expertise and he contributed effectively to the work of the Tribunal…He is professional and persuasive and has a sound understanding of programming, delay analysis and prolongation…Mr. Wiseman’s reports were found to be impartial and extremely helpful to the Tribunal
Arbitrator, UK & Middle East
Mr. Wiseman is a confident and experienced orator who has a highly persuasive manner, and which demonstrates his command of the available evidence. I would and have recommended Mr Wiseman to my clients and other solicitors
Partner, Construction & Infrastructure, Law Firm UK & Middle East
Mr. Wiseman is very professional, hard-working and knowledgeable… He helped me a lot in my role and it was a real pleasure to work with him
Façade Specialist/Expert, UK