White kitchen in Burj Khalifa apartment
Bishop Design

Ellen Bishop of Bishop Design is behind this crisp clean kitchen. She explains how the look came together. ‘One of the main challenges with this kitchen was that in the Burj Khalifa, you have these massive columns in the middle of the dining room, so we made the corner of that column into a sideboard for that room and that kitchen. We created storage around it and added flute vases from Rocche Bobois as a decorative element. The client wanted a space entertaining family and friends, and they were keen to have an open-plan solution for the kitchen. The brief was to keep the kitchen integrated with the dining space and since it is open to the formal areas, I thought it should be as neutral as possible and have a very elegant and light impression. This kitchen shouldn’t necessarily be something you notice when you walk in. White offers a classy look and the kitchen is from purity so its high-end, too, which makes it all the more beautiful when you see white. The top-quality spec gives you a beautiful result.
I love the fact that everything is integrated. We built it in a way that gave us maximum storage without looking bulky, and the bar in the middle creates a very social atmosphere.’